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Machine embroidery designs Floral pattern

Design Size: 99,1X 96,7 mm (3,9×3,8 inches)
Number of colors : 1
Number of shifts thread : 1
Number of stitches : 2803
Formats : pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp
Update your favorite textiles DIY style, with beautifully designed decorative embroidery! Embroidery is a fun way to add a touch of your personal style to clothing, accessories, and home décor pieces like throw pillows, blankets, tablecloths, and curtains. Give new life to well-loved wardrobe staples that might be showing signs of wear: just embroider elegant designs over any rip or tear to make them look even better than new!
I create a variety of styles and finishes including, FSL, Richelieu, photo stitch, and more! I am always happy to create a custom pattern just for you, for both personal and commercial use. Commercial use patterns will always remain unique to your brand
Before you click send on that order, make sure that you selected the right dimensions for your sewing machine and project size!
You can use this design for embroidery items for personal use or sale, but do not have the right to resell or redistribute the design
We do not recommend resizing and editing of design.
Embroider all designs of FSL flowers on two layers of a water-soluble stabilizer. If your water-soluble stabilizer has a high density, then you can embroider on one layer. The stabilizer should be well stretched in the hoop, not having waves on the surface.
This design is embroidered on water-soluble stabilizer. The stabilizer is washed, dried and petals are formed. All parts are sewn.
Язык товара
  1. pes
  2. hus
  3. dst
  4. jef
  5. vp3
  6. exp
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