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Geranium with 3D elements set of machine embroidery designs
embroidery design flower.jpg

Set of machine embroidery designs Geranium with 3D elements

The set was created in two versions: with 3D elements and without 3D elements

Large flower design size: 129.1 X 140.0 mm (5.08 x 5.51 inches)
Number of colors: 8
Number of thread changes: 8
Number of stitches: 32349
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp, xxx

Small flower design size: 121.1 X 115.7 mm (4.77 x 4.56 inches)
Number of colors: 8
Number of thread changes: 8
Number of stitches: 19681
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp, xxx

Design size 3D elements: 86.0 X 78.7 mm (3.39 x 3.10 inches)
Number of colors: 4
Number of thread changes: 5
Number of stitches: 13866
Formats: pes, hus, dst, jef, vp3, exp, xxx

Digital Machine Embroidery Designs

All our machine embroidery designs are digital files. You can download a design you buy onto a USB flash drive and insert the latter into your embroidery machine. And if you apply our embroidery technology correctly, your sewing machine will produce a design pre-programmed into the file.

In other words, your final product should be identical to the one in the photo attached to it. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose appropriate physical parameters before you place an order. You will find all the parameters below the description for each item. Select them carefully for the design to be compatible with your sewing machine.

We provide detailed instructions for more complex patterns, and some of them even include diagrams to ensure a successful and pleasant sewing experience for you.
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  1. pes
  2. hus
  3. dst
  4. jef
  5. vp3
  6. exp
  7. xxx
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  • embroidery design flower.jpg
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