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Juicy designs and a fresh look at machine embroidery from Birochka Embroidery
Most realistic designs from Pteris
Enjoy embroidery with luxurious art designs from Nata-Xa
Designs created with love to make your dreams come true from TOMIN
Original, bright machine embroidery designs from professional designer TT_EMBROIDERY_DESIGN
Exquisites designs from MRS_OKSMITH
Realistic art designs from photos of pets to order from JoyPets.
Machine embroidery designs from NITI_ARIADNY_EMBROIDERY
Create exclusive outfits and accessories with designs from Birochka Embroidery
Embroidery Dreams Club
Is a one-of-a-kind сommunity of the best embroidery designers and embroiderers . People come here to make, sell, buy, and collect unique embroidered art. We help designers and embroidery lovers to realize themselves through creative activity.
We have a pleasant
Atmosphere, a lot of useful information, the most interesting designs for machine embroidery, patterns for cross stitch and exclusive author's embroidered goods and accessories. Be sure you’ll find here inspiring projects, supportive tutorials and resourceful tips for machine embroidery.
We support
Independent machine embroidery designers and embroiderers.
There is no warehouse here - just people sell what they created. The whole process is very simple. We help you to directly contact designers and embroiderers to find something fantastic and unique.
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