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Juicy designs and a fresh look at machine embroidery from Birochka Embroidery
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Embroidery of vestments and decorations for the temple from TATYANA VLASOVA .
Designs created with love to make your dreams come true from TOMIN
Original, bright machine embroidery designs from professional designer TT_EMBROIDERY_DESIGN
Machine embroidery designs to make your dreams come true from Tonito
Realistic art designs from photos of pets to order from JoyPets.
Russian soul in embroidery from NADEGA
Create exclusive outfits and accessories with designs from Birochka Embroidery
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Embroidery Dreams Club is a site for everybody who loves embroidery in general and machine embroidery in particular. We provide the best machine embroidery designs, many of which we offer free of charge. We strive to make all our designs intriguing, unique and trendy to ensure all our customers are satisfied, beginners and professionals alike. We invite you to join us to create original products, gifts and accessories for sale, and we feel confident that your buyers will be coming for more. Embroidery Dreams Club is a platform on which you can use your creativity and skill to produce, buy and sell truly exceptional works of art. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support at any time. You will find a corresponding button at the bottom of our homepage.
Our Products and Services
Embroidery Dreams Club is a marketplace, not a factory or a store. We provide an opportunity for designers and their potential customers to buy and sell beautiful and unique machine embroidery designs and products. You will also have access to our blog for free. You can read interesting articles and receive invaluable instructions on creating the most inspirational FSL designs and intriguing patterns. Our digital product will program your sewing machine to create exceptionally stunning pieces of machine embroidery. You can use FSL and other embroidery designs to decorate your clothes, linen and curtains. Alternatively, you can use it to craft unique jewellery and even bags and headwear. In addition, we always have some professional online classes which you may attend free of charge, practise using our digital machine embroidery files and learn something new about the latest machine embroidery technologies.
Variety of Embroidery Techniques
We offer dozens of different patterns for machine embroidery for every taste and for any occasion - whether it's a holiday or just a desire to please yourself or loved ones with a new thing. We offer our customers an infinite variety of machine embroidery techniques, including fashionable photo stitches, FSL, appliqué needlework, cutwork, satin stitch and numerous other machine embroidery designs. All our designs undergo thorough preliminary testing to make sure you will get exactly what you see in the photo. But the final quality will also depend on numerous other factors besides the design. Therefore, we recommend you to follow our instructions closely, use an appropriate embroidery machine, and only employ corresponding stabilisers in your work.
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