Weila Design

Hello and welcome!

My name is Vera and I am the digitizer and owner of Weila Embroidery Design. 

I do not use automatic digitizing of any files to create my designs - I manually create all of the projects using Wilcom and Embird. 

Embroidery designs can be stitched out on clothes, on home decor items (e.g. napkins, table cloths) felt, cotton, curtains, etc., etc., and can be used to produce blankets, quilts and toys for example. Choosing embroidery projects can prove to be a challenge!

I digitize all my projects so that the machine embroiders smoothly, without jumping and without excessive stops. 

Please choose from my projects. Buy my designs and enjoy embroidering. I'm sure you'll be back to my shop.

Success of your embroidery depends not only on the design. It is also important to choose the correct fabric and stabilizer for each project. 

It will provide the best result. If you are in doubt as to the best choice of fabrics or stabilizers to use for any of my designs, please write to me and get advice. 

I will be very happy to answer your question and help you. 

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